Nostalgia Nerd in Nappies

For my first post of my first ever blog, I want to take a really close up look at an item that I personally know a lot of work went into! Featured in the picture above is a “DUST: PokeColor GameToy RARE.” A picture simply does not do it justice, as the screen actually has an animation. I personally remember playing the exact game featured! Holding a Gametoy animates your character. Oh, and it also has built-in sounds! Click it to hear the looping music of your childhood. A second click stops the sound 😮

This Gametoy comes from a Gacha that you can find at all Dust store locations as well as at the Dust booth at RSC Store. Or click here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HullaBaloo/221/109/23

My Little Chopper

It’s a modern age with a modern definition of what is cool or cute. No longer shall girls be accepted ONLY if they play with My Little Pony or Barbie. This girl, this bubblegum girl, wants to play with a freakin HELICOPTER and DUST’s new gacha lets me do just that!

Feel free to fly style with these resizeable, adorable helicopters. You may be wondering what could possibly make a helicopter adorable? Well how about the fact that it can snugly fit only one baby! (unless you resize it) It’s like the personal pizza version of a helicopter! I am in love, if you can’t tell.

The ever-increasing quality of DUST’s products is again shockingly evident with the inclusion of a window tinting option, realistic sounds, glowing buttons, and radar spinny thing. In short, everything a kid needs to fidget their way to world domination. Oh and it’s own animations like hovering and turning.

These cutie copters are available literally RIGHT NOW at Color Me Cute, go get one go get two, get the awesome rares. Now!

Pride Practically Promises Perseverance and Potentially, Prosperity

You don’t have to be LGBTQ+ to be proud of yourself and what you can achieve. I’m a perpetually four-year-old gum child, have no concept of adult relationships and to be honest, everyone likes gum, so I like everyone.

Yet for those of you who consider yourselves proud to be LGBTQ+ or just proud to be you, why not celebrate that with DUST’s new Pride Gacha?

As usual, the items in this gacha were created with obvious care and attention to detail. If you’re a DUST nerd like me, and you follow each release closely, you’ll notice improved texturing work and more finely detailed mesh. I wonder if you know why DUST keeps improving, month over month, when it comes to quality?

It is because of PRIDE! When you’re proud of yourself and the work you do, you can achieve anything. When you’re proud of the person you are, you’ll never need to feel shame or a want to hide. I am proud of DUST for supporting Second Life’s LGBTQ+ community and releasing products that will certainly be used to represent happiness, equality, togetherness and love.

Let’s go out into this colorless world and shine bright!

I think it’s time for you to show the world your colors! Don’t miss out, this June 1st, at The Imaginarium http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gimme%20Gacha%20Productions/128/225/3466

I Feel like I’m Floating on these Photogenic and Fantastical Family Friendly Swings

Lately, I’ve been lazy. I’ve been dreaming staying comfy. Fall is here, and so are lower temperatures. This season’s meaning to me is all about staying cozy. My cheeks turn pinker, my nose starts to turn red. It’s time to dust off the old gummy long-sleeves and boots, and make a hot chocolate. Woah… I went off on a Fall tangent. Anyway, one of the things I personally love doing in Fall is being very inhumanly and egregiously lazy. And helping me accomplish that task, as usual, is DUST, which is my favorite kid’s store. Recently, DUST has made some big changes, like making original mesh. It also seems that each new product they create is better than the last. That fact is very obvious with these new “Family Porch Swings.”

Not only can your parents enjoy some PG but intimate huggies, but you will also find animations that can create some genuinely good family photo opportunities. I was expecting the mesh and textures to be on-point, but the amount of animations and the ADORABLE parent+baby animations make this a no-brainier. Let’s be serious, if you saw this on a FLF from your favorite furniture shop, you’d pick it up in a second. These are for sale at the Gacha Garden event, there’re fun options you can get and it’s obviously very affordable. Please do not ignore this Gacha. We need to support this creator because too few creators are making kid-friendly furniture that parents AND kids can both enjoy. I am tired of passing up cute chairs at events because they have a million adult only animations and nothing for kids. If it isn’t clear, I am a fan of these porch swings.

Hit up The Gacha Garden event to pick some of these up for yourself! Whoever you are who reads this i love you because why not.

Treasures in the Safest Place

How does one avoid the perils of losing one’s closes treasures? I think I have found the answer! You’ll never believe what is coming at the Color Me Cute event tomorrow (September 15th, 2019). DUST has just put a new line of animal themed fanny packs! I have had the rare opportunity of scoring a couple of these beautiful belly bags early. They are easy to resize and they are adorable and they have little huggy arms and hands! If you hug your best friend, belly-to-belly, your fanny packs will hug too!

Adorableness aside, it’s time to discuss the real business here… How to keep your things safe. Well, shove it in a fanny pack, duh! Everything I have put in my fanny pack has never come out again. Very safe! So far, I put in a whole cupcake, 3 pennies, 1/59th of a yellow gummy bear i wanted to save for later, sand from the sandbox at the playground, one excellent booger, an ant who looked sick, and the cheese i was too full to eat at lunch. I walk with pride now, belly forward, treasures secure, and you can too!

Get yours at CMC ASAP!


Dreams of Driving every Day

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
-Bilbo Baggins

Today, I found out that SL is a lot bigger than I thought! I was having so much fun driving my super special and VERY adorable car. Listening to the very cute “vroom vroom” sounds as i drove throughout the many maps of secondlife. I dreamed of driving in the clouds or even in the stars!

Reality soon spoiled my fun as I became lost, however. At first it wasn’t bad, but now I am not so sure. I’ll just have to take the best pictures I can… before i get mugged!

Those are definitely happy tears in the pictures…. I wasn’t scared for my life or anything… Come get a car for you and your friends!

They are available at the Thimble event starting on August 20th!
Click to go check them out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woodland%20Hills/128/126/34

Buy a Bunch of Beautiful Backpacks!

I ask you, what is happiness?

Happines can be defined in many ways. For me, opening a box or a bag just to see what is inside is one of the happiest things i can think of. I love discovery and curiosity! I love ice cream and rainbows! I love animals! I also love when i find that one thing that feels like it was meant for me! That one accent that makes my outfit pop, or that one item that adds depth or layers to a character.

I have discovered another piece of happiness with DUST’s new Animal Backpacks gacha at the CMC event (Color Me Cute). If I had only 100L, I would still walk away happy no matter which backpack i got! They are all adorable and well-textured and original mesh too! Do not take my word for it, look at the photos and this gif, these things are AMAZAZING!

You can get them here! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chrystal%20Waters/235/90/2006

Diabolic Dino Destruction!


If you’re like me, sometimes you just need to break stuff! And, if you’re like me, you might have recently gotten the Youth body. Well there were not many vicious options for Youth body yet. I was lacking in inspiration, hadn’t flipped a table in weeks and didn’t even crush one enemy under my feet. UNTIL, I went shopping at my favorite store, DUST. I got a dino onesie called “DUST: Cool Dino Costume Bebe Youth.” This was all the inspiration I needed to destroy a whole town! I wanted to be a mean, green distruction machine! But if you don’t like green, you can buy the onesie fullperm! Then you can make it any color you want and even sell your creations. You will feel fierce and powerful and can make your dreams come true! Guaranteed!! (DUST does not promise or guarantee fierceness or power or dreams coming true, the opinions above do not reflect anything but my silliness)




OR GO GET YOURS NAO AT DUST http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HullaBaloo/221/109/23

The Bubbiegum Begins

Where ever bubblegum is found, so shall I be.”

Hello, I am Princess Bubbiegum. I am a gum golem spawned from the Mother gum. I am the second bubblegum princess. In the years after the mushroom wars, a glob of radioactive gum gained sentience. This is how I came to exist. I have wondered far from the Candy Kingdom where my family lives.

Facts about Bubbie;

  • She is highly edible and completely made out of candy. She can only eat candy and her digestive organs are also made of candy and you guessed it, she poops candy too.
  • Bubbie is perpetually 3 years old and loves being a kid and exploring.
  • Bubbie wants to blog in order to share her adventures and the things she finds.

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